Get Around

He pulled into the parking lot very aggressively on a late summer evening. I had noticed the backseat of his car was filled with junk, soda bottles, blankets, towels, empty boxes, etc. Must’ve been some sort of hoarder. An elderly man wearing polarized sunglasses and a baseball cap. He seemed to be missing some teeth but that didn’t stop him from smiling. “YEA MAN! THEY’RE ON TO US!” He shouted. Not knowing what he was talking about, he parked his junk filled car next to mine and immediately began talking to me about some nonsense. The nonsense consisted of conspiracy theories and how the government was feeding us nothing but bullshit. After each sentence that he had said, he seemed to be getting closer and closer. The closer he got the more energy he put out. This made me a little nervous. I had a NASA logo on my hat. The man stated that the red logo is really the tongue of the serpent who’s watching us (or something of that matter). At that moment I knew that this dude on some other shit. After hearing that theory, I scoffed and just began to pack up my things to leave. He seemed harmless, although his approach was aggressive enough to make anybody feel uncomfortable. In the back of my mind I was thinking how I would defend myself if need be. Knife in pocket, muscles were loose. I was ready to throw down. All these thoughts were running through my head while he was jabbering away about how NASA isn’t legit. Finally I was able to breakaway and get into my car. “Alright, later man!” I shouted. “See ya!” he replied, while raising what seemed to be some days old leftover whiskey in a pepsi bottle. While driving off I began to wonder if his conspiracy theory was actually something to think about. “Is NASA who they say to be? Nah. You’re trippin’” I said to myself. I grabbed what was left of my joint from earlier. Lit it, inhaled deeply, and exhaled. I turned up the radio and ‘I get around’ by 2pac was playing. Took another rip of the joint, turned up the music, and carried on with the evening.

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One Story One Roll

One Story One Roll will feature an entire roll of film and a story that will be told. Some stories may relate to the entire roll. Some may not. Some rolls of film can be shot in one day or one night. Some other rolls can be shot over a longer period of time. There’s no telling. Just gotta take what the wave gives you sometimes.